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About Us

One Step Counselling has been helping people move forward in their Journey since 2019, and was designed to be affordable and therefore accessible. Whether it be a Mental Health issue, self-awareness, personal growth or life coaching need you may have, One Step Counselling and Therapies C.I.C, provides online Therapy, Our Counselling service is one to one personal therapy, that is priced much lower than the National average to enable more people access to the therapy they need. We also provide free counselling to those who qualify, enabling us to make services even more accessible, and  low cost Mental Health Services on a corporate basis, for those who want to support their employees Mental Health, Via Telephone Counselling Packages, Group counselling sessions and Positive Mental Health workshops for any occasion.

One Step has a mission to expand its therapeutic free services even further, and is seeking funding to have a base, from which we can start managing support groups for men, women and LGBTQ+ and more, nature connection sessions, a free forest school for children and much more! If you think you can help fund or support anything we do or want to do, please get in touch.

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